Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The Yorubas say, 't'ina o ba tan l'ori, eje o le tan l'eekanna'. Please join me in condemning and fighting Nigerians who maliciously post Nigerian films on Youtube for free download and illegal viewing. The battle to save our film industry from predators is serious and it's going to be a long campaign by the tone of our latest violator who replied my appeal to desist from hijacking and posting Arugba illegally on rhe internet as follows:

damilola200 has posted a comment on your profile:

‪ ​Well Mr kelani i gat just 1 word for u and that is, U ARE SO FUCKING FRUSTRATED i was actually waiting to read frm u.Am not ganna battle wrds with but i assure u of just 1 thing if my channel is shut down,i will open more on youtube and i will post what i wanna post to share with my fellow nigerian pple either u like it or not i dnt give a a person of few wrds so i belive in action so lets roll LOSER!

‬How did we come to this? Faced with massive piracy both at home and in the diaspora, attacked on land, sea and cyberspace, how can we defend and save the nascent Nigeria's film industry from these obstacles to progress and development?
Written by Tunde KELANI

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Rolake said...

Dear Mr Kelani,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to commend your efforts in the movie industry. I am really keen to support Nigerian filmmakers any way I can. How can I purchase a legal copy of Arugba please? Part of the problem I find is that it's really hard to get hold of legal/official copies of Nigerian movies. They're not readily available here in the UK. Do you know if there is a distributor or seller here in London, who seels original copies of Nigerian movies.
I think it's really sad that our compatriots, through piracy and illegal downloading (an uploading) have eroded profits for rising artistes of all kinds (movie, musici) in Nigeria. I really hope that people will one day see that we will all be affected in the long-run. The way I say it, the quality of Nigerian films (and indeed) music will only get better if producers could reap the due reward from their productions and plough the money back into new technology to make even better films. In the long-run more will be produced and it will make it more affordable for everyone, whilst the makers get their just financial reward. These 'pirates' are too myopic to realise that!

Keep up the good work sir.

Kind regards